The Cash Monkey Store Visitor Review

December 6, 2018

Are you looking for the best place where you can convert your goods into cash or cash into hot goods? Look no more for I can attest to that pawn shops Nottingham are the right places that can help you realize your dreams.

They offer the best prices for your goods that are complemented by a hassle-free buyback service. Usually, their main ventures are to buy, sell and trade where it lies with the customer to choose the service.

Mainly, they operate in three main stores that are located across Derbyshire and Nottingham-shire where they are strategically positioned for easy accessibility. When I visited these stores, I was ushered in by very friendly and concerned staff.
pawn shops nottingham
So, I enquired from the staff that; apart from buying and selling, which other additional services do they offer. The answers were:

• Getting foreign currency
• Cashing your cheque
• Purchasing of products at bargain prices.

Without a further ado, let’s look in details why I would recommend you to visit the cash monkey.

1. 28-day buybacks

Sometimes you may be out of cash but you boast various unwanted items in your house. These unwanted items may be a phone, laptop, household items and a thing like a jewelry. When you visit the cash monkey enterprise, they will help in converting these items into cash by buying them at a fair price within a very short time.

Also, they accept valuable items like gold, silver, and diamond where they weigh and buy them. During the transaction, once you agree on the price, you will be given your cash instantly. Their prices are surprisingly reasonable compared to their competitors and they vary depending on the store you go visiting.

2. Cheque Cashing

It can be exasperating when you visit your bank and find long queues of customers waiting to be attended. If your intention is cheque cashing, at cash monkey they can easily help you out.

After a simple verification process in their records, they will sort you within minutes and you will walk out with your cash at low commission rates. The only documents required for verification purposes is the cheque, proof of address, and photographic identification.

3. Currency exchange

When it comes to currency exchange, they help you to convert your cash to a foreign currency at the best price you will find around. The conversion is quite easy and quick for you will be able to get your preferred currency at a very short time.

They have a variety of currencies to choose from.

4. Buy and sell goods

Either you want to buy or sell an item, you can easily access them. When you want to buy a valuable item from them and you lack enough money, you can visit them where you will strike a deal on how you will pay for the item in installments.

Lastly, there aren’t any hidden charges. You can buy an item like gold jewelry at their stores located in Long Eaton, Mansfield, and Ilkeston.

In conclusion, after the visit to pawn shops Nottingham, I came out extremely satisfied. Visit them to get the best deals!!!!

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